Celebrating life's milestones is important to people of all faiths in all parts of the world and each faith has its own traditions. These celebrations and ceremonies are important occasions for friends and family, as well as the individual, and help us mark important times throughout our life.  Whilst there are standard elements to most services, we work with you to mark your special occasions in ways which are both meaningful and memorable for you and those who are celebrating with you. 

Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child

The safe arrival of a child is a time for rejoicing and we are delighted to help you celebrate with a special 'thank you' service.  Please contact the vicar for more information.


As a church we seek to support and parents and children from their earliest days through adulthood and for many people a christening (or baptism) is an important part of a that journey through life.  However, there is no age limit for a Christening and sometimes adults chose to be christened (baptised) as they find that being a Christian is a meaningful way of life. 

Christenings normally take place during our main Sunday services so that families can have the support of the whole church.  To arrange a Christening or to make an initial inquiry, please contact the vicar. To find out more about Christening please click here.



Confirmations are usually arranged once per year in rotation at either one of our churches (St Thomas Heptonstall or St James Hebden Bridge) or at one of our Diocesan Cathedrals. A course to prepare candidates usually runs for approximately six to ten weeks prior to the confirmation. If you are interested and would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the Vicar.



Weddings, Wedding Blessings and Renewal of Vows

Many people love the idea of getting married in church for all kinds of reasons and its always wonderful to celebrate a couple;s commitment to one another whether at the start of the life together or as their relationship and commitment grows and deepens.   You may find the Church of England website about getting married in church a helpful and useful starting point - just click here! You can arrange a wedding, or a blessing or a renewal of vows with with the Vicar.


Home Visits

Home visits can also be arranged with the Vicar should you:

~ wish to talk to someone.

~ require prayer about something.

~ wish to receive Holy Communion or anointing with oil at home if you are ill.

~ like to have your home blessed.