Lectio Divina

It can be hard to find time to speak to God when your day is full of work, family and the pressures of daily life. Lectio Divina is a dynamic way of reading the Holy Scriptures which has been around since AD 300. By following the four-step approach:

Reading (Lectio)

Meditation (Meditatio)

Prayer (Oratio)

Contemplation (Contemplatio)

you will eventually start hearing God's voice. Lectio Divina invites you to savour and mull over God's words quietly, slowly and intently until you begin to respond to what God is saying. It helps you build that vital bridge between your encounters with God and everyday life with its joys, humdrum and challenges.

It is not a course or a study method - each session is a unique encounter with God. Background knowledge can be helpful but is definitely not essential. There are opportunities to share how the text has inspired you if you wish but this is definitely optional - silence is OK. You may also want to bring a pen and notebook to jot down your thoughts.

Join us in the Lady Chapel downstairs at St Thomas at 7.00pm on any Wednesday evening starting 18th April 2012 as we trial a series of potentially life-changing encounters based on the gospel readings taken from the preceding Sunday. 



Baptisms take place during our main Sunday services. All enquiries are welcome and both adult and infant baptisms can be arranged with the Vicar. To find out more about baptism please click here.



Confirmations are usually arranged once per year in rotation at either one of our churches (St Thomas Heptonstall or St James Hebden Bridge) or at Wakefield Cathedral. A course to prepare candidates usually runs for approximately six to ten weeks prior to the confirmation. If you are interested and would like more information please do not hesitate to contact the Vicar.




Weddings are by arrangement with the Vicar. You may find the Church of England website about getting married in church a helpful and useful starting point - just click here!


Home Visits

Home visits can also be arranged with the Vicar should you:

~ wish to talk to someone.

~ require prayer about something.

~ wish to receive Holy Communion or anointing with oil at home if you are ill.

~ like to have your home blessed.